HD Streaming
March 2019

How do I play videos over my live stream? What is the best encoder for camming on Streamate? How do I stream in HD? How can I improve the quality of my stream? These are difficult questions for a cam model to answer alone. Luckily, we have done the research and testing necessary to help you answer these questions.

Getting Publicity as a Cam Model
April 2019

While its definitely possible to make a whole lot of money camming on the DL, what I teach is how to build a long term BUSINESS in the Live Cam industry. A business needs a brand and a brand needs to be promoted. As a cam model, you and your online persona are the core of the brand. So get yourself out there! It’s not easy to build a buzz but once you have it, it’s crucial to keep the momentum swinging.

Mainstream Media
May 2019

Here is a real screenshot from our actual google analytics page showing the spikes in traffic following spots in mainstream media…


Learn from the BEST

Emma Lovett has been a Top Model in the Live Cam industry for over 7 years. She draws from her experience to shorten the learning curve of webcamming. Go from zero to 100 real quick with Emmas help.